5 Reasons You Should Always Checkin to Your Flight

The second the option is available!

You might think checking in to your flight doesn’t matter much. That’s not always the case!

You should be checking in to your flight the second the option is available. For most airlines, that time is 24 hours prior to your flight. Always check your flight confirmation email or the airlines website for exact times.

Here are 5 reasons you should always check in!

  1. There are some airlines that seating depends on first come first served basis. My go to airline, Southwest, happens to be one of those airlines.
    When checking in, you will be given a boarding group with some airlines or a seat number with others. The earlier you check in, the closer to the front of the line you are.
    Your chances of getting a window seat or aisle seat greatly decrease if you are not checking in when you can. If this matters to you, you need to be setting an alarm so you don’t miss check in open!
    Are you traveling with others? This is just one more reason you’ll want in that earlier boarding group. If you wait even just a few minutes past your check in opening, your chances of sitting together could be affected.
  2. Some airlines have a cutoff time for checking in.
    They can range from 45 minutes prior to your flight up to 90 minutes.
    Counting on getting to airport early and checking in there? It’s still best to check in the second it opens up. What if you hit traffic? What if there’s a last minute unplanned errand you have to complete before you leave? What if your pet sitter cancels? There are so many things that could derail your timeline. It’s not worth the risk of missing your flight due to not being able to check in!
  3. Some airlines allow seat selection according to check in time. First to check in, first to select your seat. If it matters to you where you sit on your flight, set that alarm and check in on the dot!
  4. The time you check in could be the tie breaker for upgrades.
    If you get to the airport and decide you want to upgrade to priority boarding or first class and you aren’t the only one, if you were on your game checking in, that could be the determining factor for who gets the upgrade.
  5. This could also be the tie breaker for who gets bumped on an overbooked flight.
    While this may not happen often, it does happen. They will often ask for volunteers first. (there could be some refunds and credits for those who volunteer to take another flight)
    If no-one volunteers you could be on the cutting board if you were delayed in your checkin time.

So, don’t’ get caught squeezed in the middle of strangers or missing your flight because of a traffic situation. Set that alarm on your phone or whatever you have to do to check in to your flight the second it becomes available!

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