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Hi! I’m Mandy! I am a mother to three sassy, smart, vibrant young ladies and one son who is our guardian angel. We love to spend time together playing games, being outside, chilling by the beach, going on adventures, and exploring all the Disney destinations!

7 years ago in 2015, I planned our first Disney vacation as a family. I did some research and though I knew what I was doing, but quickly became overwhelmed. While we had a fun time together, we missed out on things just because we didn’t know we had to plan in advance for several experiences. We didn’t know about fast passes, advance dining reservations, best days to visit which park. We made the best of it, but it could have been so much better!

That’s when I knew I wanted to help others plan the trip of their dreams, stress free and make the whole process as easy as possible.

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As I mentioned before, our first family trip was great but could have been better. That’s when the seed was planted in my adventurous mind that starting a travel agency would be a fun and different way to bring joy into others lives.

With a background in nursing, it is in my nature to want to help others and make life more joyful and memorable for others. I explored with the idea of becoming a travel agent for several years. I kept working as a nurse and dreaming of the day I’d make this a reality.

I tested out my planning skills with tons of research on various destinations, Washington, DC, Kentucky State Parks, National Parks, Museums. I discovered a love for something I hadn’t thought of before. The planning part of the whole thing became quite enjoyable.

Then, in 2017, it was time for another trip to Walt Disney World. I reached out to a travel agent specializing in Disney to help me learn about planning a Disney trip.

She explained the resorts, fast pass, and dining reservations to me, and from there we came up with a plan. It was time for the trip, and I was feeling good.

Once we were there, I realized there were still so many things we still didn’t know! I’m like what?! I did research and asked questions and trusted the information I was given. While the planning was complete, I realized that was the point, her job was done.

We had not been advised on airport transportation, finding our way around, no tips to navigate the parks, the fast passes were pulling us across the whole park and back. There were so many things we would have done differently. So now I’m thinking, “Did I lean onto my agent too much? Is her only purpose to make the plans, then that’s it?” Well, the answer is yes. Yes, I depended on her to give me all the details, all the tips she could, and trusted what she gave me was enough. Lesson learned and the seed in by brain grows.

I started reading everything I could find on being a travel agent. I researched so much! I read books, articles, watched videos, I looked to anything I could find to plan a memorable vacation full of fun and a nice flow day to day back to WDW that year. And, it was FANTASTIC! We saw so much, did so much, experienced magic. It was perfect. Then I planned two other friends trips complete with all the reservations and bookings, but also what helped us when the kids got tired, fun areas to explore, break ideas, navigating the parks, how to get transportation at the airport and on property, anything I could think of the make their day stress free and fun. They loved it. They went on their trip as worry free as possible for parents of small children. This is what I want to give others. Any and everything possible to help make their trips full of fun and exactly what they want it to be.

And that is when that little seed bloomed. I once again researched everything I could on opening an agency, what it takes to plan a great trip, making clients happy. I’m still learning and will always be, but it has been some of the best years of my life helping others to take these memorable trips.

Causes We Support

I knew that once I got my feet on the ground and started to make some income as a Travel Agency, I wanted to give back. While I was fully aware it would take some time, I knew this was something I wanted from a business I owned.

My little angel baby, Brinley, gave me a ton of passion for supporting causes and giving back to my community. That’s why the first cause (well, two) I thought of was The National MPS Society and The Ronald McDonald House. Both of these extraordinary companies gave us the best support we could have ever asked for at a time our world was crashing down on us.

My son had a genetic disorder called MPS I, or Hurler Syndrome. We were lost in what to do, but the incredible staff at The National MPS Society guided us and worked with our doctors to send us in the right direction. They still send us cards and thinking of you messages after 12 years.

The Ronald McDonald House is more known, but when I say they are some of the most incredible people, it is an understatement. We all know what they do so amazing, but to see it on the inside is just beyond belief. The things they do for the children and their families is just the most amazing thing I’ve been so lucky to witness.

Two other companies I look forward to someday contributing to are Make-a-Wish and Give Kids the World. Both provide wishes to children with illness. What they do is so incredible an indescribable. To be able to fund at least one child and their family for their wish would be a great honor.

For those and many more reasons, it is my goal to grow the business to a point I can make a yearly donation of at least 10% revenue to some of these companies. Whether we split it or rotate it, it is my goal to get there.

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My Magical Holiday LLC is a travel agency specializing in Disney Destinations and Universal Orlando. Soon we will be expanding services as well ! We are here to meet your travel needs and plan the vacation you've been dreaming of. Our goal is to make your dreams and wishes a reality giving you memories that last a lifetime. Happiness starts at home and we want to spread as much joy as possible. My Magical Holiday believes in giving back to the community. See our about page to learn more about our goals and aspirations.

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